Membership Plans and Pricing2019-03-14T23:04:34-07:00


We work with your insurance just like a regular doctor’s office, but we offer so much more:

  • Telehealth Access
  • Same Day / Next Day Appointments
  • Extended Practice Hours
  • Healthy Living Support Groups
  • Personalized Wellness Plan


  • $18/mo – Individual
  • $27/mo – Couple
  • $36/mo – Family

Direct Primary Care Membership

If you are not covered by insurance but would like the peace of mind of being able to see the doctor when you need it, the Direct Primary Care Membership allows you to pay for doctor visits through a low monthly fee instead of paying a bill for each appointment. You will also receive all of the Membership benefits above.


  • $78/mo – Individual
  • $117/mo – Couple
  • $156/mo – Family
  • Plus $10/Office Visit

If you have more questions about our plans, benefits and pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Phone:(951) 742-7324

Email: info@lmscare.comLifestyle Medicine Solutions: membership